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Networking Adventures Pt. 1

I’ve numbered this in anticipation of making this a series, but I’m not sure that anything can really top the networking experience I had last week.

(I alluded to this in my last post. I had meant to write it that same day, but I have a very busy life waiting tables and I couldn’t make it happen).

Last Thursday, my quest for employment brought me to the greater Chicagoland area, where I met with members of Pioneer Press, an arm of the Chicago Sun-Times, and members of the Sun-Times itself. That in itself would have excited me, for that was all it was to be, but our itinerary quickly went off onto a far more extraordinary path.

It turned out that the preps sports editor at the Sun-Times, Mike Clark, would not be in the office that day because Tom Lemming, the football recruiting guru, would be at U.S. Cellular Field announcing his top 30 Illinois football prospects and pushing a book. We changed course to the Cell, and though I thought it was odd for such an event to be held there, I wasn’t asking any questions; my love of the White Sox and 35th and Shields precluded questions.

Our adventure to the SouthSide brought us right onto the field where hulky high schoolers had their pictures taken by Tom Lemming and crew and a few interested members of the Sox reared their heads in the dugout. Here I was on a seemingly innocuous networking trip, only to find myself within arms-length of Ed Farmer, Juan Pierre, Matt Thornton and A.J. Pierzynski. A.J.! My man.

My only regret is - I didn’t introduce myself. What would I have said? “I have nothing to do with any of this nonsense taking place on your field right now, but my name is Joanne and I was at Game 2 against the Angels and your heads-up play continues to mark the best night of my life.”?

Actually, that might have worked.

Ah, well. It was still awesome. Later, we finally headed over to the Sun-Times. I will probably never work there, but they gave me a lot of good advice. It might be time to consider freelancing? Maybe write about Purdue basketball for a paper in Po-dunkville, IN. You never know.

Life is pretty funny sometimes.

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